MAGIC CLOUD - all possible devices

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Imagine if you were to build new devices, that in-one-step solve just the problem that you use many steps and multiple devices to solve. Some of these devices are extant, absurd, possible, or fantastical. I propose a catalogue of the these devices with 3 extant examples and videos demonstrating the use and value of all of them. Magic Cloud.

The following three examples illustrate the spectrum of devices in magic cloud, from possible (#1) to absurd (#2) to fantastical (#3).

1) Wouldn't it be nice when you googled someone if all the information about them came up on one page? All their profiles, photos, websites, mentions on blogs, etc. The Condenser.

Imagine this as an index of people and the things they do and make. The condenser treats everyone as an artist. It looks for work they make, people they work for, and work they appear in. It googles their name along with a lot of related terms and it searches for them in multiple places at once. It aggregates this data and presents it in a format like this:

This is a google plug-in. And it is possible, realizable now. If I receive the Rhizome grant I'm going to work with two busy but committed teams of developers to make it work. The people behind and the people behind and

2) Your phone battery is about to die and you're on a long and important call. Not only that but it's hard to hear the person on the other end, the signal drops periodically and there's lots of line noise. Now you can hear them clearly and receive calls on a phone with a dead battery. Worn Sock.

3) You have the impresson I want you to have of me. I have the true impression of you. Lensless Glasses.

The device is judged before a live audience, many psychics wear the contact lens version of this product. The demonstration consists in getting a psychic to perform the function of Lensless Glasses correctly while wearing the device pictured above.


Magic Cloud is itself a device. It aggregates problems that devices create while trying to be helpful. It describes problems that devices are applied toward but for which no specific device exists. It tries to state and resolve poetic problems. But it is misty and always changing form, dipping, wisping, thickening and raining. Magic Cloud is already over us we just haven't had a meterologist describe it yet.

Further examples of devices in Magic Cloud. These will be found and displayed, created, or demonstrated on video:

a device that...called...type...
attaches a documentBag-by-the Computer possible
hears someone who wants to speak to you and you'd like to listen toCupped Earpossible
-- communicates what you want another person to think you think about them not what you really think and not what you want to think about themCupped Ear and Earringpossible
.........this relates to:  
You have the impression I want you to have about me. I have the true impression of you.Lensless Glassesabsurd
deals with old parents' frailties and needsPopcorn Bagabsurd
remembers who someone is and how you met themGolf Visorfantastic
replenishes your groceriesRefridgerator Door Codeactual
any battery rechargerOld Batterypossible
find what I'm looking forSuper Ballfantastic
figure out where the party's at and how to get therePainted Nailsactual
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