MAGIC CLOUD - by Fritz Donnelly

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Projects listed in order of relevance to Magic Cloud.

Vidopedia - The Encyclopedia of Verbs and Actions that presents a novel way of sorting and searching videos "clusters". And illustrates verbs from many different cultural viewpoints.New Museum 2008
Rhizome Comissions Recipient 2006 - 2007
HUMP (trailer) a full-length film about awkwardness, the body, fulfillment, desire, and all types of social sincerity.Glasslands Art Gallery, 2008
How To Fight N Win (trailer) for series of 12 short foreign-language action films that manipulate movement, logic, point of view, and the goal structure of video games and contemporary American action films.21 Grand Art Gallery in Oakland, California, 2007
1978 - The Hundred Year ArchiveHammer Museum, Los Angeles 2007
Frank Delaware for President - A satirical combination of contemporary political posturing and strange new politics for the info age.Illinois College Radio Election Night, 2000
To the Hills 25: Independent Short Films in One - a series of first-person profession-oriented films interrupted by an action film involving people in jumpsuits shooting each other with their fingers. See an example film here: Actor.High Concept/ Low Budget Film Festival in San Francisco, 2001 - 2007
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includes a short liscensed by IFC.
To the Hills: 24 Independent Short Films - a series of short films such as
How Drive the Car,
and Favorite Car
Anthology Film Archives - Avant Garde Public Access Shows of 2002-2003
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